Thursday, May 15, 2008

GOD Leads......

Usually Thursday is our "run around" day. But today, our Heavenly Father called us to the studio. When this happens, we are never quite sure what He is asking of us. But we go, and follow His lead. Today, He had more in store for us than we could have ever imagined. He wanted us to create.... but what?????

Our Lord knows how heavy our hearts have been since Monday when we heard the news of the devastating earthquake to hit the people of China. You see, our youngest daughter was born in China. Eliana Mei Jing is a gift from God to our family. A gift that came to us via China. Our hearts will always be connected to China and her people. It is because of that connection that this news has been so hard-hitting.

I have been on my knees before the Lord several times filled with such grief and disbelief. My heart aches. It is heavy with sadness, and I weep for all the mothers and fathers whose arms are empty, and for the children who now have no parents to hold them.

Today, our Almighty Creator lead us to create an image. It is with humble hearts that we share it with you now. May God have all the glory.

"God is taking home so many of His children. They are with Him now. We are not to be afraid."

Please join with us as we continue to pray for China and her people. God Bless You.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Father/Daughter Dance

Every year Eve's school holds a Father/Daughter Dance. This year Eve and Ed decided to wear their Chinese silks. Aren't they sweet.

Chinese New Year

Here is Ellie on her first Chinese New Year at home. We simply love this photo.

Ellie's First Snow

This photo is of Ellie on her first day out in the snow.

1 yr anniversay of DOR

This photo was taken on the anniversay of Ellie's Date of Referral. She is really growing.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is such a wonderful times for our family. Eve's name comes from that time, because after years of infertility, it was only when I was down on my knees before our Lord on Chirstmas Eve of 1997 that a child was given to me. God gifted me the child of Eve. "Thank you Father"

This Christmas Eve during the candlelight service our daughter sang "Away In a Manager" for our church family. Simply beautiful. It is so humbling to see this child God gifted to us giving back to Him.

Here is a picture of both our girls that evening.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Thank You Lord

I just loved decorating the tree this year. It is always one of Eve's favorite things to do, and it was even more magical watching Ellie. They both went through the boxes "carefully" removing each ornament. Eve would tell Ellie the history of the ornament, where we got it, or who gave it to us and why. Then they would find "just the right branch" to hang it on. We always play Christmas music and drink Egg Nog. It was simply a wonderful time.

Thank you Lord Jesus for coming down as a child. Thank you Lord Jesus for each of our children.